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Hi, my name is Gustavo and I'm a Software Engineer. I live with my wife and my son in Sonora, Mexico. We have rough summers around here. Those in the picture are some friends from work, awesome people.

Some things I made

real-men logo
MEN stack API generator

Gordan logo

Gauss-Jordan + Regression JavaScript Library. Click on the chart to add points
GOOi logo
Love2D GUI Library
niji logo
Childish styles for HTML elements
Box2D support for libGDX
My page
A CRT-ready RetroPie setup

Some things I like

Metal Slug Super Vehicle
Retro video games
AI, Automata, IoT, all that craft
I don't read a lot but these blew my mind when I ran into them:

"The other gods! The other gods! The gods of the outer hells that guard the feeble gods of earth!... Look away!... Go back!... Do not see!... Do not see!... The vengeance of the infinite abysses... That cursed, that damnable pit... Merciful gods of earth, I am falling into the sky!"

― Barzai the Wise in The Other Gods, H. P. Lovecraft

"Kill if you will, but command me nothing!" the gunslinger roared. "You have forgotten the faces of those who made you! Now either kill us or be silent and listen to me, Roland of Gilead, son of Steven, gunslinger, and lord of the ancient lands!"

― Roland Deschain in The Dark Tower, Stephen King

Finally, in the far future trillions of years from now, humanity has outgrown the confines of matter itself. Humans have evolved into pure energy beings that can transport themselves across the galaxy. Without the shackles of matter, they can visit the far reaches of the galaxy as pure consciousness. Their physical bodies are immortal but stored in some distant, forgotten solar system, so that their minds are free to roam. But each time they ask the fateful question, “Can entropy be reversed?” they get the same response: “There is insufficient data for a meaningful answer.” Finally, the master computer is so powerful that it cannot be placed on any planet and is housed in hyperspace. The trillions of minds that make up humanity fuse with it. As the universe enters its final death throes, the computer finally solves the problem of reversing entropy. Just as the universe dies, the master computer declares “Let there be light!” And there was light.

― Michio Kaku in The Future of Humanity (referencing The Last Question of Asimov)

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Thanks to pngimage.net (Ocarina), Khg808 (Nachos image), Ruwix (Interactive 3D cube) and Kieff (Conway's Game of Life animation). Now find the hidden Keanu Reeves.